Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Batman 3 Movie Villain

Warner Bros announced that the main villain of Batman 3, aka The Dark knight Rises, will be Bane. I'm not that glad with this choice but well, I guess Christopher Nolan knows what he's doing.... Actor Tom Hardy (he starred in the movie Bronson) will play as Bane.

Tom Hardy is Bane - Batman 3
They also revealed that Actress Anne Hathaway will play the role of Selina Kyle (whose alter ago is Cat Woman). They'd didn't call her Cat Woman in the press release, so don't hold your breath, it's not confirmed yet if we'll see her in a tight spandex or leather suit as Cat Woman.
Anne Hathaway - Batman 3
So what do you think of Bane as main villain in Batman 3? And is Tom Hardy the right actor for the role?